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Everyone's disfunctional~ It's just a matter of degree

Bella (Isabella)
I have 4 Kids, 2 Dogs 3 Cats 1 Bird, 1 Bunny and 1 Husband, I'm a Nurse but not currently working due to health reasons, I spend most of my free time reading and writing, My favorites are Gunsmoke, Battlestar Galactica, Seaquest (season 1), Emergency, Star trek Voyager, MASH, Xfiles, Bones, Stargate Sg1, I'm a shipper at heart, I'm also very into my Spirituality.
Arizona Green Tea
Pepsi Max
Classic Movie Stars, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn etc
Classic TV Gunsmoke, Emergency and Mash and scifi
Marvin The Martian
I prefer Night to Day
Favorite Colors is red and indigo
I do not belong to an conventional modern religious structure. I follow the Ancient ways.
adama/roslin, amanda blake, arsenic and old lace, arthritis, astrology, baby face, balance, barbara bain, barbara stanwyck, battlestar galactica, bela lugosi, bengal cats, benjamin franklin pierce, bipolar, bj hunnicut, black and white movies, bones, cary grant, castle, cats, chakotay, chester goode, chet kelly, christmas in connecticut, cinnamon carter, classic film, classic films, classic horror, classic movies, classic tv, cockatiels, computer graphics, dana scully, darwin, david duchovney, dixie mccall, doc adams, double indemnity, dragons, e/r, edward james olmos, emergency, emergency nursing, empathic abilities, enlightenment, eureka, fairies, fanfic, fibromyalgia, film history, film noir, for all time, fox mulder, fuzzy socks, genealogy, gillian anderson, greer garson, gunsmoke, hawkeye, hawkeye/margaret, healing, jack/sam, james arness, jamie bamber, janeway/chakotay, john/helena, johnny gage, julie london, karma, kate mulgrew, katharine hepburn, kathryn janeway, kelly brackett, kitty russell, kristin westphalen, laura roslin, lee adama, m&m's, m*a*s*h, magick, major crimes, margaret houlihan, martin landau, mary mcdonnell, matt dillon, matt/kitty, maxwell q. klinger, meditation, miss kitty, moonlight, mooses, mulder/scully, nathan bridger, nathan/kristin, nature, ncis, nurses, old movies, paganism, past lives, pepsi, powell/loy, psychic ability, pugs, radar, rampart, randolph mantooth, religious tolerance, robert beltran, robert taylor, sable colby, seaquest, sewing, sharon raydor, sharon/andy, sidney freedman, sleeping, souls, space 1999, spells, spirit guides, spirits, spiritualism, spirituality, squad 51, star trek voyager, starbuck, stargate sg1, stella dallas, stephanie beacham, telepathy, the closer, the lady eve, the philadelphia story, the silver screen, the swamp, the thin man, the two mrs. carrolls, tony denison, virginia dixon, water, will pope, will/sharon, william adama, witchcraft, witches, x-files, zodiac