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5 Fictional Characters

I will give you a letter~
Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

I responded to meowpurr777 who kindly gave me the letter M. Aren't I so lucky to get the letter for not one but TWO of my very favorite characters. When I started to think though even though a couple where no brainers,it was tough deciding the rest. But here is what I finally came up with.

Dixie McCall~
Played by the wonderful Julie London for 7 years on Emergency!~
I first watched Emergency when I was 7 years old and I completely decided at that point to become a ER nurse just like Dixie~ and I did~ I loved her caring but don't screw with me attitude~ I think that her a Kel made a great pair, I wished that they would have carried that over more into the show~ Plus she was also a Army nurse in the Korean war not that it was mentioned but a couple of times, being that the Vietnam war was still going on was probably the main reason why, but it added so much more to her character.

Margaret Houlihan~
Played by Loretta Switt for 11 years on M*A*S*H~Her
character at the beginning of the show left a lot to be desired but she was always a great nusre. towards the end of the series she was a very complex character that many can relate to I think. Her character also brought attention to the Army nurse who in a time of war, went through hellish conditions and they were all VOLUNTEERS that makes it much more admirable IMO~ to volunteer to such a nightmare knowing how much worse it would be to be a female POW then male, not that either were a place that anyone wanted to be in.

Naomi Murdoch
Played by My absolutely favorite actress the wonderful Barbara Stanwyck in the movie 'All I desire' 1953~ one of my favorites.
When I think about the courage it took for her to leave her family to protect them from the truth of her illicit affair that was about to be exposed. She come back several years later at the request of her daughter that is about to graduate from High School. Then she courage to come back and face all of the town and the family who believed that she left because of her desire to be an actress and not of love to protect them. She eventually realizes how much she misses her old life and how much she still loves her husband. when she is about to flee again to save face he tells her he know everything and they will face it together not wanting to loose anymore time.

Margaret Hansen/Paula Ridgeway
Another one of my favorite actresses is Greer Garson she played this character in 'Random Harvest' another one of my favorite movies(I have many)
She meets a man who has escaped for a military mental hospital of sorts at the end of WWI who has no memory and is ill she takes care of him and they flee after he is better so he is not found out and sent back, they fall in love marry have a baby he leaves for a job in Scotland and is hit by a car and his memory has returned, but he has forgotten his new life. He goes back to his rich life and his wife is left to pick up the pieces. their son dies and eventually Paula changes back to Margaret (Paula being a stage name) and becomes his secretary in hopes that he will eventually remember her. They marry again for convenience and he rises the political ladder in England. She eventually becomes burned out so to speak because of the love she has for him and cant show it. At the end he remembers and all is well with the world. I know this on was long, but hey it was a long movie for 1942.

Mr. Ed
This one one of my favorite shows as a kid, I loved Mr Ed!!! I know that this is a rather odd pick and there were plenty of others to pick, but I thought that it would be rather fun to add him. Believe it or not Mr Ed was on for 6 years~ yeah i know can you believe it. How wouldn't want a Mr Ed? I would have love to have him~ but I am a sucker for animals though. What would have Wilber have done without him? His life would have been even more of a mess. And to honor him I have added his Theme song~
A horse is a horse
of course, of course
and no one can talk to horse, of course.
That is, of course,
unless the horse
is the famous Mister Ed.

Go right to the source
and ask the horse,
he'll give you the answer that you'll endorse;
He's always on a steady course.
Talk to Mister Ed!

People yakkity yak a streak
and waste your time o' day.
But Mister Ed will never speak
unless he has something to say!

A horse is a horse,
of course, of course
and this one'll talk 'til his voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a talking horse?
Well listen to this,
I am Mister Ed!

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