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I am Meme

I got this from frakkin_eh

List 20 things that you are, starting with "I am a ..."
Do not leave out the "a" in your statements.

1. I am a mother
2. I am a wife
3. I am a sister
4. I am a granddaughter
5. I am a dork & a goof
6. I am a good cook~ I think
7. I am a nurse
8. I am a crafter
9. I am a animal lover
10. I am a computer geek
11. I am a daughter
12. I am a good person
13. I am a student
14. I am a candle lover
15. I am a homebody
16. I am a clutz
17. I am a good neighbor ~ unless you are a complete disrespectful ass
18. I am a good daughter-in-law
19. I am a thrifter
20. I am an optimist
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