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Well Since I haven't posted in a while and it seems that many are jumping ship for tumblr, I am going to try and post more here on LJ since this is where I feel most comfortable, I really don't see why LJ is not more popular though.

Well after a year and a half of being unemployed my husband finally got a job! Photobucket It not as much as he was making before, but its doable! and he quite smoking another PhotobucketShocker but a very good one.

I am doing ok in school my last class though my professor says I did not turn in a paper and it cost me my A and he will not answer my email, A little pissed about that because I did the paper way before it was due.

I got inducted into the international Honor society that completely made me fall over, I was not expecting that, now I have to make sure I get good grades but at least I only have one more of my required general education classes then I finally get my major and minor classes.

My son got an interview with UPS hes happy about that and I really hope that he gets it it will do him good.

Will thats about it for me lately I wanted to try and go to Hartford and see Kate but that was out of the question, maybe next time and one of these days I will get to a convention especially know that Dave is back at work and I have a Car now.

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