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Well I couldnt sleep last night So i stayed up and watched XFiles on TNT-  My DVD players is currently disconnected in my room, Ive been rearranging-  Now Im tired, but cant sleep
Does anyone else here REALLY hate Dr.s?  As a Person, Patient and a Nurse i say they SUCK!! 
ye have little faith in our medical profession anymore.  it is so warped It actually gives me a headache, which if you know anything about the way i think, That is extremely hard to do!  as my husband says Who also says that The way i think gives him a headache, lol

Sometimes i really think that Dr.s are a leading cause of Suicide and Drug and alcohol addiction because of their lack of care, complacency, fears, egos etc. Most just dont get it.  For the nation with the best care available in the world, its a shame that was also have to worst care
the US is 42 for infant mortality that means that 41 countries do BETTER
Death Rate rank is 118---117 countries are BETTER
Life expectancy rank is 45 ---44 countries People Live LONGER then here
I could go on trust Me but Ill stop.  Im put down my soap box for Know I feel a little better

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