July 5th, 2010

Mary~ Headdesk

I am alive

Hi I just wanted a minute to let everyone know I haven't died or anything, I school has been really difficult along with my health and they have been changing my meds around *GROANS* on that one I spent practically 2 weeks zonked it has gotten better I am not so tired I comes in small waves now. My family has trying a tad more then normal, my daughter moved into a new house and we found out that my husband might get his unemployment cut when they originally said he was not.  Yesterday my mother in law broke her hip. we are the only one of the kids that live in town 2 are out of state and my husbands brother lives almost an hour away and my father in law cant drive he is an emotional wreck. I don't think she is going to come out of this very well so if anyone wants to through blessing, good thoughts, prayers what ever you believe her way it would be much appreciated.

I am so far behind on reading its not funny I also have to answer the questions frakcancer and I also wanted to get into some discussions that i haven't had tome to ~ So anywho hopefully I will be back around more soon
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