October 28th, 2009

Witch~ Misty moon

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Snagged this from bsg_assiegirl and since I am trying to write a paper I need to give my brain a break!!

Current Books: The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Frust ( that I have to finish but since I started school I haven't seemed to be able to finish it!!) My Psych texts on Adult development (Yeah!!)

Current Playlist: Mixed anything from the 60's on up

Current Guilty Pleasure: Chi Tea~

Current Colour: Red, Indigo

Current Drink:Coffee, Pepsi Max, Arizona diet Green tea with Honey

Current Food: Whatever~ but alwasy Pizza

Current Favourite Show: Currently On? Or what I watch anyways? On Bones, Castle, Sons of Anarchy, Mercy, Closer, Army Wives, Disparate housewives, Fringe, Greys, Eureka, Sanctuary, White Collar, the Middle, Supernatural, Old, E!, STV, TNG, Space 1999, MASH, Seaquest, SG1, Gunsmoke, and of course BSG

Current Wishlist: My house finished, BSG series, My kids get there lives in order and if my Husband could find a job that would be good!!

Current Needs: Not to be sick

Current Triumphs: Got an 98.87 in my first Class since going back to school

Current Bane of my existence: Depends on the day

Current Celebrity Crush: Humm.....

Current Indulgence: My Laptop, Ipod

Current Blessing:My kids ~ well I agree on the the kids, but that can be debatable at times

Current Slang: I probably have way too many. I always like ‘couldn’t give a flying frog’s fanny’. My son has taken to saying ‘oh maaan’ like swiper the fox in Dora the bloody boring explorer. That’s driving me insane.

Current Outfit: My flannel robe and My VS Underwear that say PINK in on the back

Current Excitement: My Daughter bought me a new I pod because my old one broke!!

Current Mood: Hungrey
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    Watching Gunsmoke
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