October 15th, 2009

Witch~ Misty moon

Birth Month Meme~

Ok so since everyone else it here it goes~

Here's what you're supposed to do:

Find your birth month and paste it at the top.
Strike out whatever doesn't apply and highlight what does.
Post that and all twelve months under the cut.

Thinks far with vision~ Easily influenced by kindness~ Polite and soft-spoken~ (most of the time but I can be outspoken with something that I am passionate about)Having ideas~ Sensitive~ Active mind~ Hesitating ~ tends to delay (Unfortunately yes) Choosy and always wants the best ~ (I am choosy and do by high end stuff but always on sale or clearance at times, but it does not need to be the best if it did I would not be at walmart 4x a week) Temperamental~ (I am fairly easy going) Funny and humorous~ Loves to joke~ (I am a smart ass naturally with a terribly dry sense of humor). Good debating skills~ (loves to debate) Talkative~ (When I want to be) Daydreamer~ (Absolutely) Friendly~ (I think so) Knows how to make friends~ (When I want to) Seldom shows emotions~ (this is very true of course fan girl flailing doesn’t count) Able to show character~ (thinks so) Easily hurt~ Prone to getting colds.~ ( I have health issues but seldom get colds) Loves to dress up~(don’t hate it like to look nice, but not necessarily dress up). Easily bored.~ Fussy~ (A …. in a word NO) Takes time to recover when hurt ~(not so much).<\s>Brand conscious~(yes and no) Executive~~ (When I need to be I can take charge, but it doesn’t matter to me one way or another)Stubborn~ (50/50).

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