June 22nd, 2009

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Words Meme

"Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you."

This was originally in ecbvann Journal and this is what she Hit me with~

Looney Toons
The Best frakking cartoons known to mankind!!! Of course I like Bugs, But the following are also my Favs and are extremely underrated!! Marvin, K-9, Gossamer, Mark Anthony, Michigan J Frog, Spoiled Brat Cat, Are among the one I love and I'm sure that I'm missing some! and you can't forget about ACME brand product!! The was supposed to me a Earth Shattering KABOOM!!

Mary McDonnell
One of the Best actresses out there and one of my Favorites of course. I love the fact that she is sexy and not afraid to show it at her age, I love what she does for the older woman. She shows it is OK to flaunt it at 57!!! Not to mention she is a fabulous actress!! any actor that makes you say OMGs that was her that played that role!! is amazing!! I mean how many people forget that she was SWF? then go OMG that was her. that is a testament to her fabulous acting ability IMHO!! and the there is her HAIR!!!! OMG completely BEAUTEOUS!! and I'm Completely and absolutely jealous of! I wish I had her hair but of course I don't ~ amazing hair. I cant wait for the Closer tonight with Mary I really hope that she is on permanently or at least semi permanent. My Favorite Mary Movies are DWW, Matewan, Passion Fish. My favorite Mary Characters are SWF of course and those in the above movies, Eleanor Carter, Althea Brockett, Dr Dixon, Laura Roslin. and Because we haven't alway had DVRs, I havent Seen Nola, Blue chips, Evidence in blood, YCTML, Two Small voices, Mariette, Tiger and American Clock.

Someone who is there no matter what~ I have had only a few good friends over my lifetime. right know I have to say that my Daughters are my best friends at the moment, I'm there mom when they need it But always a friend. My daughters are 24 and 14 so of course know the 24 is more of a friend But I'm still her mom when needed, and my 14 year old is still in need of a mom more but still a friend non the less. My Husband is also a friend he knows things about me that no one else knows about!! At this time in my life I have one other friend in the real world and her name is Robin~ most of my friends are online~
I have to say that through Fanfic and various fandoms I have met the best people(and some we wont talk about) and I definitely consider many of them to be friends and some are rather good friend and good people. Its hard for me to make friends in the real world I don't work, I'm sick a lot and I don't have the most traditional views in life and can be opinionated in my views. But I repect others views and love to debate issues. I am easy going unless you push me. But like any person I do have my moments of frustration when I speak and maybe shouldn't Im not afraid to say sorry(if I think I should that is).People these days want to be so politically correct,(fuck political correctness its ruining the world) are very judgmental, too judgmental, snobby. lack common courtesy and respect. I pick my battles some stuff is just not that important in the scope of life and this world, get over it people~ don't sweat the small stuff as someone has already said but it is true. there is so much more to life people!! I don't care what your religion is, how much money have or don't, where you live, what your sexual orientation is or even if your grammar is not perfect~ that is not who you are that is just a piece of what makes you the person that you are. I am the way I am like me or don't I don't care~
People that I consider friends and consider me friends are very special to me.
Ok I will put my soap box away know!! I almost forgot appreciation in my smart ass dry sense of humor is a must!!

One of the best invention known to fandom!!! Many times the FF writers are better then the real ones I live for reading FF since like I said before Im sick a lot I am a prolific reader and have written many stories but only put a few out there. I'm a major shipper as if you could not tell, Im very particular in my couples a few I can see with with 2 different people but usually I do not vier from my couplings and I cannot fathom the though of them being with anyone else. sometimes I see them put with certain people, and its like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! No matter slash or straight some people do not go together, and you can't slash certain characters either. I can read a character in any setting in any time as long as they are staying fairly true to character. I love my Smut, but I'm not into BDSM, spanking etc. Blindfold or headboard doesn't count~ ;) But that is just my view,
My favorite fandoms are, BSG, Voyager, SG1, MASH,E/R, Gunsmoke, Space 1999. Emergency, Seaquest S1, Xfiles, Then of course there I like fics based on Movies that my favorite actors or in Series, MM( DWW, er, Laura/Charles, Liz/Bishop) Stephanie (Sable/Dex, Tenko) Those are the main ones, My favorite Sips are, Bill/Laura, Eve/Howard, Chakotay/Kathryn some Kathryn/Tom, Margaret/Hawkeye, Sam/Jack, Kitty/Matt, Helena/John or Helena/Alan, Kristin/Nathan, Mulder/Scully, Dixie/Kel or some Dixie/Johnny.
I wish they had more Fic basic on Classic Movies, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant Katharine Hepburn and such.
There can never be enough fic If you as me!!! I cant wait for the BSG porn battle, and I don't know what I was think when I signed up for the BSG big bang!! lol

Hum what shall I say about BSG. I miss it terribly, It was probably one of the best written SciFi shows even with its flaws in my opinion. The acting was amazing everyone that was in that cast was amazing. I could not imagine other actors in those rolls. Mary and Eddie OMGs cant say enough about those two!! The ending I would have done a bit different, would have left Laura's death up to the viewers imagination. and Im not totally pleased with there decision to leave all there technology behind. I don't agree with that.
The lessons that were in BSG were very true and real and a lot can be learned from them. I don't think that there will be another show like BSG for a very long time. I think that Bill and Laura Frakked on NC and we just didn't see it, I wish we would have seen more of that. and more of interaction with Bill and Laura on a personal level then we did. Dee and Lee DID NOT got together. Cain was a whacko B* and deserved everything she got. Tigh was a riot. Im glad that Chief Strangled Tory She deserved it. D'Anna should have stayed boxed. but she did change a bit at the end. I hated Cavil his views were skewed IMO. Ellen, Ellen, Ellen, I really liked Gaeta until he committed his coupe. Never never liked Tom. and Baltar was a pure frakweasel, Starbuck was so complexed I liked a lot about her and I'm glad that they made her a woman in this series it was one of the things that made the series. My favorite episodes/arcs were Tigh me up~ LMAO watching that one, Epiphanies, Six of one, most of 4.5, Unfinished business, Home, Resurrection ship, Hub, Eye of Jupiter, KLG, NC Arc.

Know that I rattled on way to long if anyone else wants to get hit Feel free!!!!!
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