November 4th, 2008

Witch~ Misty moon

I can see the Light

Words cannot express my feeling right now~ This is the best I have felt about being a American in a long, long time!!!! I truley feel that there is hope for the future of this country now.
I realize that all may not have voted For Obama, But I did and I feel he is what this country needs to get us out of the mess that &$@#% got us in.

Even if you didnt vote for Obama I still hope that you voted it is one of our basic rights as a American that cannot be given up!!! Can NEVER be given up or taken for granted.
But from my views and my situation there is no way I feel that we can afford another 4 years of Republican rule. I have never felt so emotional in my life over something like this. I actually started to cry when I heard!! The phone lines in my family where burning up we are so excited!!!!!!

Where I live, Cleveland it has been a tough~ tough~ hit area, nothing, is trickling down here, it is trickling away from here and something has got to change or screwed wouldn't even begin to express what we would be here. I mean we are already pretty much screwed so where can you go from there?
I truley feel that there is hope finally
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