October 27th, 2008

Witch~ Misty moon

because I have no life~

Because I have no life~ I had the time to do this to~

So here's how it works:
- Open your choice of music player and put it on shuffle.
- Press play.
- For every question type the song thats on.
- And when you go to a new question press the next button.
- No cheating!

Post this in your journal and show everyone the Soundtrack To Your Life

Opening Credits:
This is Love~ Whitesnake

Waking Up:
Wonderful Tonight~ Eric Clapton

First Day At School:
Can't Even Get the Blues Anymore~ Reba

Falling In Love:Fight Song:Breaking Up:Prom:
Time for me to Fly~ REO Speedwagon

Life:Mental Breakdown:Driving:
Red Dirt Road~ Brooks and Dunn

Lady Marmalade~ Lil Kim

Getting back together:
Full of Grace~ Sarah MacLaughlin

Juke Box Hero~ Foriegner

Birth of Child:
Salsbury Hill~ Peter Gabriel

Final Battle:
Shine~ David Gray

Death Scene:
Its to Late~ Carol King

Funeral Song:
At Last~ Etta James

End Credits:
Travelin man- Beautiful looser mix~ Bob Seger

Out of 1669 songs this is what it gave me. Some of these scare me just a Bit!!
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