September 21st, 2008

Witch~ Misty moon

Did you ever think

It has been said the my mind works in strange and odd ways But anyway

Today as I was scrubbing the grud of the walls behind my stove wearing hazmat gear of course~ as my husband is yelling at the TV because the Browns desperately need a new head Coach~ in my too small of a house that we moved into because~ well thats yet another long story and before 2 of my kids moved back in.
So I have 4 kids 3 dogs 2 cat 1 bird and of course me and my husband in a small 3 bedroom colonial on a postage stamp lot with no family room and no DISHWASHER!!.

My 1 son sleeps in the basement my other son sleeps in my youngest daughters room who sleeps in my older daughters room who sleep in my bedroom and I sleep in the couch which My husband always sleeps on the other because of his back~ because lets face it that when you want to sleep you sleep and when you want Sex you screw! the dogs and cats sleep where ever but never on the floor. Ever sleep in a love seat with 3 dogs? its a precarious situation at best! the only thing that saves me is that 2 are pugs so they are at least small.

Well anyhoo as I was cleaning I was wondering What is Mary doing right now on a Sunday evening? or Kate for that matter!! and I'm thinking that they probably are not cleaning behind their stove on a Sunday Evening so they can finish fall cleaning the kitchen. While their husbands yelling at the Browns game Well Mary's anyway, my oldest son is trying to move a futon in the basement, one daughter is throwing peanuts at the other daughter because they are teasing each other then of course they run up stairs then down chasing each other, the dogs are trying to get behind the stove to eat what on the floor, everything that is in the house is gods knows where because their brother cleaned their carpets on a very short notice(but you need the discount in order to have them cleaned).

Did you ever wonder what they were doing when you are knee deep in gods know what??
This is where my thinks too much, warped mind comes into play.
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