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Day 6

Well Todays happy is a bit different yesterday a little boy who live across the street from me Drowned in their pool. Now I know things like this can happen that truly are tragic set of circumstances that the parent is not at fault I sorry to say that this is not the case here. The family that lives there are constantly screaming all the frakking time so you don't even pay attention to them, she NEVER really watches the boy that had drowned, I cant tell you how many times my daughter would Hes in the street again and she would go and take him back home and the mom would never even know. He would run down the street and be gone 5 10 minutes and she would never known he almost got hit my a car twice that I know of and then she would scream at her other kids because they were not watching him they are 7 and 9 and the 9 year old as some issues that would make it very difficult for him to even watch the baby he was a little under the age of 2 and always on just a diaper pretty much. we all thought he would get hit by a car not drowned. No really likes them and I have to say I don't have nice things to say about her and them either. And the truth is I don't feel one bit sorry for them I am angry as hell and now I think maybe I should have done something like call social services, but she was already investigated my then and found fit and I don't have a lot of faith in my county's social serves and they probably would not have done anything anyway.

So today even though I joke on how much I have fucked up my kids I never let then get away from me like that My son got lost in a store once out of 4 kids, and he was a dead kid walking after that- ;)
I had everything locked gated capped you name it I even would but a bungee cord around my gate so they could not open it when they were younger and a bell in case they did by chance get it open

So I am very thankful I had the common sense to love, cherish, care and take responsibility for my kids and they all grew up relatively unscathed~ Ok I did hit my daughters head when I was going around a corner when she was a baby i miss judge my distance and I was a bit frazzled but she wasn't hurt (she was my first ans I was a new mom) and she is the smartest out of all of them and my son will say you should have hit my head into the wall to.

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