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My thought on the movie Caprica Under the Cut in case you haven't seen it yet Heavy Heavy Spoilers~ So Jumpers beware I watched Caprica on Friday night an I wasn't sure what to expect sometimes you get so hyped up on something then you are disappointed, like the SG1 movies they could have been so much better And the Xfiles Movie I mean I loved the MSR stuff and all but the story itself could have been a lot better for the big screen~ Plus I used my gift certificate to buy it and I would have hated to waste it.

Anyway I was really impressed I thought it was really good. Set 58 years before the Fall in Caprica City it gave us some great insight on Adamas Grandfather Joseph played by Morales (who is really hot BTW) and Adama's dad "William" who is a boy about 12ish. Joseph Adams (Adama)Wife and daughter Tamara were killed by a terrorist bombing.
Joseph is a somewhat less then honest Civil Liberties lawyer, but not really a bad person by any means is more or less caught in the Caprican mob. He Came from Tauron after Tauron Civil war as an orphan with his brother and they change their names to Adams so their heritage would be hidden, since many held a very low opinion of Tauron's Considered them "Trash" basically. But he has ties in the Mob, the government and certain companies that will be important to gain certain knowledge and technology necessary to pull the Cylon "skin jobs" off.
Another Man Danial Greystone (Stoltz) who snot nose daughter Zoe was killed also, but was brilliant in computer and working on AI and transferring ones mind into a Virtual reality program. Greystone who is much more devious finds out what his daughter was doing and comes up with the plan to attempt to create cylons but needs Adama to steal technology from a AI company. But Adama Cant go through with creating his wife and daughter but he has already gotten the technology~
well needless to say things never go right and GS gets the technology but its not working the way he wanted and Adama decided to go back to his roots. Also spun in is terrorism and a religious underground which Im sure will prove very pivotal in the upcoming storyline~ which we have to wait to get this 2010 for the story to continue!! are you kidding me!! Frustration sets in!! Anywho I lift some stuff out but I was suitably impressed by Caprica!

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