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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
tayryn gave me

1) Barbara Stanwyck
Well she is my absolutely favorite actress! She has been my favorite since I watched Stella Dallas at the age of 7ish with my mom in a late night movie(back in the day when they had the late late movies and no cable) She is one of the most underrated actors also~ I also admire her for where she started in life and where she got herself and the fact that she never got hooked into the studio system of the day, she did a lot of things for charity but never wanted it to be known~ don't get me wrong she had her flaws like all of us and her share of sadness and regret~
2) pets
Well Lets see we are in a bit of a transition at the moment my daughter moved out and took Monkee with her, the pug/bull dog mix and she is going to take one of are another pugs so he isn't lonely. Now we are getting a new dog a Bulldog named Abby that needs a home so that will leave us with Mr Puggles my fawn pug and Abby the Bulldog ~ now that is just dog wise. We also have 2 Bengal cats, Chow and Baby, and one cockatiel named Vinnie~
3) old tv shows
Well What can I say Gunsmoke watched ever since I can remember and I knew that Matt and Kitty were a couple when I was 5 how others fail to see that is beyond me~ my husband calls me a Kitty groupie ~ had a cat name Miss Kitty ~ Space 1999(can you say dork;~) MASH, The Honeymooners, The Doris day show, My three Sons, Star Trek, The Partridge family, Laverne and Shirley, Twilight Zone~ I love old TV shows I could go on and on and on.
4) fiddling with pics
Something I spend way to much time doing and still don't know how to do a 10th of what you probably could to with them. I just upgraded to PSP12, Cant afford PS almost fell over at the price~ but It works good for me. This is what I spend the the most time doing next to reading. while I listen to TV or something.
5) Gunsmoke
Well I was brought up on it, weekly must in the house. Love Matt and Kitty and yes they where a couple~ see above! How anyone cannot see that is beyond me!! I liked Chester better then Fetus although I do love fetus too just not quite as much. Like the B&W hour shows the best over all~ Kitty had the biggest hair in the west I would like to know how they got it to stay that way~ and the 20th season is none existent for me to and neither does Beth!! Never can watch to much Gunsmoke~ Drive my Husband nut when I repeat the Lines or go around the Saying "Mr. Dillon" like Chester always did~
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